Moving on

25th August 2014
I have been at Label almost 5 years, originally employed to be a junior PHP dev, but found my place in the world as a front end dev. 
Today I made the hardest decision of my life, to leave Label Media.

View of a speaker

13th May 2014
I have wanted to do a talk at an event for a while. Thanks to Forefront I got my chance. It was a perfect place to give public speaking a try, with a not to large of an audience (around 60), interested in front end development…perfect.
Here is how I prepared, and how I think it went.

Resize event when on scrolling on a mobile?

17th December 2013
Ever notice a resize event sometimes fires when scrolling on a mobile?

Faking the Twitter button count

9th October 2013
Can the little counter of shares on a twitter button be trusted?

Open external links in a new window

26th September 2013
Ever wanted to open all the external links in a new window and forgotten which ones were external? This little jQuery snippet will help.

How easy are you to find online?

19th August 2013
If you gave your name to someone, how much could they find out about you?

Is it time to stop IE8 support?

28th July 2013
Legacy browsers are a constant pain - all web designers know it. Internet Explorer 6 support disappeared a while ago, even its creators, Microsoft, don't support it any more. A while ago I stopped supporting IE7, is it now time to drop support for IE8 as well?

CSS & HTML style guide

1st July 2013
There are plenty of style guides out there for writing code. Here is how I like to write my CSS.

Creating a custom twitter feed

13th June 2013
As twitter updated their API, my old twitter feed no longer works. Here is a solution to custom twitter feeds.

Pixel escape website

27th May 2013
My brother has been busy making a game called pixel escape, and wanted something for people to see before the game was finished.